Christmas in a few Photos

This holiday season, I added almost 1000 pictures to my “holiday picture album.” That’s even more impressive in my book because I didn’t even take any photos at our last stop! I foolishly left my battery charger at home and ran out of juice on Christmas Eve. Here are a few of my favorites to get started.

Dan brewed a special holiday beer to share with everyone. He asked all of our siblings to contribute an ingredient indigenous to the region in which they live. My oldest brother was kind enough to send some beautiful cranberries from New Jersey, which was perfect for the cranberry ale!

Dan’s family is gracious enough to invite my whole family over on Christmas Eve so that we can all celebrate together. My parents exchanged gifts with his and everyone was thrilled with what they got!

It’s always a wonderful feeling to see how excited kids get around Christmas, and I loved having this little treasure around to remind us all to write letters to Santa, enjoy all our gifts and engage in spontaneous dance parties.

Penny was worn out after one day of Christmas. She got through her stocking and passed out in a sunbeam with her favorite new toys strewn about her. Rest assured, she woke up later for some eggnog.

NOW I need a vacation to recover from the holidays 🙂

3 thoughts on “Christmas in a few Photos

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