Reindeer Games

This year for Christmas, my family elected to turn the gift-giving process into a little game. There were several rules, and honestly I don’t think everyone was necessarily clear on what they were, but at some point in the planning process, we were told that we could contribute as many gifts as we wanted, and that they should be useful to most (if not all) the people who would be participating in the game. After a little blog perusal, I found this gem of an idea. Dan and I got to work brainstorming and created a variety of our own “Everything Jars.”

Since most of the folks in our circle have a dog they love, we thought a no-brainer would be to stuff a jar full of puppy essentials.

Most of us in this family love our coffee and tea. So we bundled up a choice selection in a caffeinated gift of goodness.

One little girl couldn’t wait to get her hands on this one. We filled the package with dice, poker chips, cards, etc. and called it “Everything to Chance.”

Other jars not pictured that were enjoyed included: Everything Jerky (filled with Dan’s homemade delicious beef jerky), Everything Stationary (filled with post-its, pens, note cards and paper clips), Everything Photography (featuring the first few “scene” photos taken with my new camera) and Everything Energy (contained Luna bars, Clif Bars, 5 hour energy drinks, etc.)

They were a big hit!

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