Penny Survives the Holidays (Special Version of Sights Unseen)

Every year, the holidays are hardest on poor Penny. She has food to beg for, people to greet, children to entertain and sleigh bells to listen for. I’ve already shared one scene in which she passed out among her many new Christmas toys, but here are some other key moments of Penny enjoying the Christmas season. Enjoy!

Even though our weather this holiday season has been milder than any other I can remember, Penny loves to be as warm as possible. Her preferred method of heat is a good old-fashioned fire, but if there isn’t one around, she has no problem parking herself in front of the space heater.

Further proof needed about Penny’s love of all things warmth? Check out above picture.

Penny also loves the Christmas tree. She loves eating the ornaments, knocking them on the ground and sniffing any packages that happen to be underneath, hoping they might be for her.

While we opened our presents, Penny kept watch over the other half of the room. She didn’t want anything sneaking by while we were all distracted.

Even the most vigilant watchdogs need a nap every now and then. Penny took a few moments from time to time to grab a few winks in her new bed, a Christmas present from her loving mom.

She doesn’t like to be photographed while sleeping. She’s afraid she’ll look vulnerable and weak.

And we’ve come full circle. The moral of the story is that Penny got to spend a few days doing exactly what she likes to do best. Sleeping in places with just the right amount of heat for her to bask in. Merry Christmas, Penny.

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