Working with new materials

For Christmas, among many other wonderful gifts, Dan gave me a new lens for my camera! This one is an 85 mm lens that Cassie recommended I check out. It has an ultra-sonic monitor (USM) that focuses on objects very quickly, and a fixed focal length – it is designed for portraits, nature scenes, etc. and creates a beautiful background blur. I’ve only been able to experiment with it a little bit (and I am awaiting a personal lesson from Miss Cassie herself!!! 😉 ) but here are a few experimental photos I took in the past week. (Thanks again, Dan!!! I LOVE IT!! 🙂 )

It works SO nicely for Christmas lights, because while they look beautiful when in focus, they look deliciously artistic when they are blurred out a bit.

I have found Penny to be the perfect subject for this lens (I also posted a picture of her using this lens here), but I’m not quite as good with moving objects and this lens as I am with my stand-by lens (of course, this is partially due to the fact that I use my “action” setting as a HUGE crutch still – something else I need to work on).

One other problem I have had is pictures with more than one person in them. I’m sure there is some secret to getting this just right, but the below two pictures show how one person will be in focus while the other is not. I guess that’s a good way to show people who you care about more.

Just messing around with different subjects and perspectives was fun too – I still haven’t gotten a feel for what it will blur and what it won’t at different planes. My favorite way to learn is by doing.

Because I’m not used to traveling with more than one lens (or apparently my battery charger!) I forgot a couple of things at various points throughout my holiday weekend, so it forced me to step outside my photography comfort zone a bit and use the new lens when I might not have if given the option. It led to one of my favorite pictures of the weekend. (I have no idea why…I just like it!)

I’m excited to get a better handle on all the wonderful ways I can utilize this lens. I also may or may not have started thinking about the next lens options I want to add to my repertoire…

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