Renewed Resolve

I’m pretty disappointed in myself that I never got a chance to put together a holiday gift guide. I was so excited to pore over my options of fitness and wine/food, recommending and wishing for the best of the best. BUT – sometimes life gets in the way. Luckily, I am now getting to another post I’ve been thinking about for a bit – my New Year’s Resolutions! Here is what I had to say about the subject last year, for a bit of comparison.

I honestly haven’t given my list a TON of thought yet, so these are a bit off the cuff. There may be amendments, clarifications, revisions. And I reserve the right to back out on them at any time of my choosing (jk, jk, I am SERIOUS about these!)

1. Last year, we resolved to organize. I can honestly say that is the only promise I made that I didn’t keep to my satisfaction. Our place is always a MESS. It stresses both of us out, and we’re always trying to change it. So this year, I’m going to be specific in the hopes that will help (I’ve read articles and studies that suggest that being more specific about goals makes them a bit easier to reach.)

1a. The Dishes – they are ALWAYS stacked up around the kitchen and I hate it. The new rule in our household will be akin to what it was in my house growing up (hey, it works!). No television, blogging, surfing the Internet, etc. until the kitchen is clean. As soon as dishes are used, they get rinsed and put immediately into the dishwasher and likewise, when the dishwasher cycle has finished, the dishes go instantly into the cupboards.

1b. The Living Room – will no longer serve as a landing space for everything. Coats are to be hung up, bags placed in their spaces, mail sorted immediately, etc. If we REALLY don’t have the time/energy/resources to clean something up, it should at least go into the bedroom. That way, if company or the pope were to show up unexpectedly … at least our “entertaining room” would be presentable.

1c. Planning. Menus, grocery lists, budgets. Sometimes we’re better about this than others, but it needs to be more consistent. It doesn’t take that long on a Sunday afternoon to put the week’s meals together, and it saves a lot of money, time, energy AND we get to try new recipes that I find.

That should be enough on organization to get me/us started. Even though our place still wouldn’t look perfect at all times – I have a feeling it will be a significant improvement if we can stick to those rules.

2. Another resolution/set of resolutions I have doesn’t really include Dan (other than the fact that he will probably have to put up with my follow-through of it). I feel creatively devoid. For quite some time, I blamed it on a lot of factors: lack of time, lack of energy, demanding work schedule, etc. But even the small taste I get of creative bursts (evenings spent on Pinterest, Christmas Crafting) reminds me that I can do these things – if I make the time for myself. As part of this resolution, I foresee plenty of planned scrapbooking sessions to utilize all the great photos I get to take, long walks with camera in-hand (this might be one place where Dan benefits/doesn’t benefit), education about camera settings, photo-shopping tools, crafting options. If you have any suggestions about craft blogs to read or anyone I HAVE to be following on Pinterest in this vein, please do tell!

3. Because three seems like a good number of resolutions to start with, I’ve got just one more. In looking at my boards on Pinterest, I’ve realized that I am severely lacking in the “Good Reads” department. I love to read, and I just don’t make enough time to do it. Hopefully, I can change that with a little resolve.

What are some of your resolutions this year?

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