So long, 2011 – thanks for the memories!

Even though I love to use a new year as way to look forward to the future, it’s also fun to look back a little to see how things have changed in a year. One of the best things about having this blog is that I can do that with much more clarity and detail! I’ve had a blast looking through all my posts from 2011 and seeing how the blog, photos, workouts, recipes, etc have evolved. But here are some great memories I have from the past year.

1. Spending lots of time with friends. Whether it was watching lots of Bears games (before some of our best friends moved away ūüė¶ we had some amazing Sunday’s – drinking beer, cooking appetizers and cheering on our hopeless Chicago football team! ¬†See one example¬†here), or just hanging out, I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by people I love!

2. Reminiscing about our honeymoon by drinking the wonderful wines we acquired on our trip to Napa. Though I wasn’t an avid blogger during the time of my wedding or honeymoon, I was able to get in some background information about the lovely, family-owned vineyards we visited as we uncorked the memories throughout the year, sharing with friends and family. We still have a few of our very best bottles left, but we’re hoping 2012 holds a chance to head to the west coast again to stock up! Find one such example here.

3. I really tried to step up my workouts. I started reading health, fitness, lifestyle magazines front to back, subscribing to email newsletters, listening to podcasts, and more. It led to inspiration for new moves and the motivation to push myself harder. I don’t much outline the workouts I do on the blog anymore because they were all starting to look a little similar. For instance, I learned a few moves utilized here and they are definitely staples when I hit the gym. This is a great reminder for me to continue to try new things – Dan and I got a present for Christmas that has already been helping with this (I will definitely be posting about it!), but another resolution is for me to continue my evolution of fitness.

4. Wonderful travels with great friends and family! We hit up Wisconsin for a ski trip with our friends (in which we didn’t ski at all!). We headed to St. Louis for Mardi Gras and Dan’s birthday. We went to Boston to visit Kristyn for her birthday. I traveled solo to meet up with Kristyn and Meg in Washington D.C. We enjoyed a weekend with my brothers at Princeton to honor my brother’s 10 year reunion. We traveled to San Diego to meet up with long lost friends and family. We took ANOTHER trip to Wisconsin to celebrate Dan’s father’s birthday (where I unfortunately sprained my ankle.) We celebrated Andrea’s fiance’s birthday with a camping trip in Wisconsin. We headed back¬†to the west coast to see my brother get married in the Bolinas/northern San Francisco region. Our final trip of the year was to Columbia, Missouri to visit Andrea and Kris in their new home! Here’s hoping 2012 brings just as many amazing trips.

5. Celebrating life. I am someone who LOVES any excuse for a celebration. This includes: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Penny’s Birthday, Thanksgiving and of course¬†CHRISTMAS! We also celebrated Andrea’s birthday with my first ever 5k run – the Race to Wrigley!!!

6. Learning new things. From how to make our own infused-alcohol, to experimenting with various cupcake recipes, this year has been one full of new learning experiences!  I turned myself into (more of) an outside runner, got a new camera and (sort of) learned to use it. We tried new recipes and perfected old ones, sharing everything with anyone who would have us.

So, while I normally HATE clip shows – I really have enjoyed putting this together. It’s a great way to remind myself how charmed my life is and how many wonderful accomplishments have come about this year. The greatest of all (in my opinion) are Dan’s – I’m so proud of him as he prepares to finish the first phase of his finance degree (he will soon have his associate’s and move on to a four-year school for his bachelor’s!) and also starts a new job in his chosen field (goodbye, Legoland, hello, financial planning!) Between that and all the wonderful weddings we have to celebrate this year (two of which I am VERY excited and proud to be a part of – can’t wait to start in on the details for my bachelorettes heeheehee), 2012 is already shaping up to be excellent. Happy New Year!!!

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