A dinner full of new recipes

Because my parents are always making us dinner, and because they spent so much time entertaining over the week of Christmas, Dan and I decided we’d give them a break and cook for them on New Year’s Day. We weren’t exactly sure what  the menu would include, until we walked into Caputo’s and cast our eyes on this. The rest of the recipes fell into place. What goes with steak? Potatoes. And Green Beans. Aaaaaaaand carrots. I linked to all the proposed recipes we planned to use, but our results were, of course, somewhat different. We started out with a couple of appetizers. Dan made his (now) famous calamari. He showed my mom how he goes about cleaning the little suckers.

The end result was a lot less slimy and gross.

I prepared an appetizer of my own. The recipe was found here, but while they were touted as an easy dish … I had a rough time of it! The filling part was easy enough.

Several of rolls had to be re-rolled, but again, the end result was much better than could have been predicted by the process.

The rest of the meal came together a bit hectically (I have a hard time with the timing of meals), but no one really complained about anything. I personally felt like some of the dishes weren’t my all time best, but one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to let things go. So I shall. Here’s the beauty shots.


As usual, there was a little pouting from the peanut gallery about having to eat kibble, but dogs shouldn’t eat steak! Apparently, there are a lot more rules about what dogs can and can’t eat than I previously thought, but that’s a discussion for a different time.


Happy New Year! As our dinners digested, we watched “Horrible Bosses.” It probably would have been a more positive experience if the Red Box disk we rented hadn’t been so damaged – it kept skipping! Pretty funny movie though – I love Jason Bateman.

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