Top Five Reasons I’m Not Posting

1. I’m sick. Not on my deathbed or anything, but I tend to be pretty whiny about my illnesses, and that means taking it as easy possible. Yesterday, I sat around doing nothing for as long as I could get away with it. I watched the original Hayley Mills version of The Parent Trap, two hours of HGTV and finished my book (The Marriage Plot – it was REALLY good!)

2. I’m leaving for Vegas tomorrow. I gave the excuse last year, and it’s even more valid this year. With an excruciatingly busy week of work ahead of me, blogging just seems like too much of a commitment right now. Prepping for Vegas has been SUCH a project of its own.

3. Because of number’s one and two, I have not worked out, eaten anything interesting or done anything out of the ordinary worth blogging about. Since Monday, when I first got sick, I’ve consumed approximately nine gallons of water, six pots of tea and vegetables whenever I can get them into my meals. I’ve gone to bed around 8:30 each night, and led a perfectly mundane existence.

4. I’m on the edge of big plans. Of course, I ALWAYS feel like this, but particularly now – I know that as soon as I have a moment to breathe (other than the obligatory relaxation that came yesterday to address my illness), there’s some big stuff gonna be happening. Sometimes, motivation and inspiration are like coins in a piggy bank. I don’t want to use any until the ice cream truck arrives. Get me?

5. I’ve been working on my resolutions! At this exact moment, our apartment is in mint condition (or as close to it as is humanly possible at this point in time.) The dishes are done, our clutter is picked up, my closet is organized (mostly)… And, if you noted above … I’ve been reading! I downloaded two more books to enjoy during my flights to and from Vegas as well. Good thing my New Year’s Resolution wasn’t “avoid getting sick.” I’d be failing miserably at that!

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