Deep Fried Makeover

It’s no secret that my heart belongs to Clean Eating Magazine. One of my favorite sections on the recipes portion of the website outlines ways to give traditionally comforting, caloric dishes a healthy makeover. Dan and I recently agreed to attempt one I personally am not overly familiar with – Shrimp and Grits. I BELIEVE that generally this dish includes butter, cheese, sometimes bacon (?!?!), especially if Paula Deen is behind the stovetop. This iteration of the dish was much lower in calories and had veggies in it, to boot! Because Dan was actually in charge of operations on this dish, no cheese actually even made it into the final product. (You can rest assured that had I been head chef, we would have taken advantage of the opportunity to enjoy cheesy goodness.) But, because I was a bit under the weather, cheese-less grits we had. Dan also kicked the spice factor up a notch by adding a variety of hot stuff to the mixture he rolled the shrimp in. Top offenders included cayenne pepper and chile powder. The end result was amazing, and definitely something I’d eat again!

**Sidenote – he also played the part of photographer due to my illness and he tried out my new tripod! Another lovely Christmas present to enhance the enjoyment of my camera!

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