Fitness Goals

Last week, I had a great run of workouts. I set goals on my BodyMedia armband and I meant to keep them. Staying under the caloric restrictions was a bit harder than I originally anticipated (though sometimes I think I over-estimate just a bit too much to compensate for any human error), but it was a great motivation for me to work out, take more steps, burn more calories and get it in gear! Here’s a quick snapshot of last week’s fitness routine:

SUNDAY: Ran 3.5 miles (on the treadmill – boo!!! So boring and unmotivational).

MONDAY: Completed a yoga DVD (I have the Dallas Cheerleaders’ Body Slimming Yoga edition) and also two dance workouts on my “So You Think You Can Dance” DVD.

TUESDAY: Back to my early morning gym routine! Hit up the Arc Trainer to warm up, then completed pull-ups and tricep dips (assisted with use of the machine, of course), planks, squats, leg press and lunges.

WEDNESDAY: Take a break – whew!

THURSDAY: Ran 3 miles on the treadmill, completed planks and a short spurt of ab exercises.

FRIDAY: Had to take a quick jaunt to Florida for business. Spent all day traveling – though lots of walking and little time to eat left me on top of my goals this day as well!

SATURDAY: Ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill. Felt VERY tired – chalked it up to a few factors, including a long travel day on Friday, lack of  breakfast and water before hitting the gym and the first week back at a 5 days working out schedule.

This week, I’m hoping to continue to stay on track. Already yesterday, I completed a workout that Dan designed. It included about a mile of running/sprinting, lots of push-ups, squats and medicine ball throws. Other fitness plans/goals for the week include:

-working back up to a 5k. In an amount of time that doesn’t make me cringe with embarrassment.

-lots and lots of push-ups, pull-ups and seated row reps.

– possibly getting back on track with my weight lifting book (I started reading it literally TWO DAYS before I sprained my ankle the last time).

-fitting light fitness in on the days I take “off.” Meaning, a brisk walk with the pup (if I can get her wussy butt out in the snow and cold temps), yoga or a 30 minute bike ride with my favorite magazine.

I think I’ve gotten back my addiction to exercise and I LIKE it!

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