Hand Rolled Gnocchi

In the spirit of adventurousness, Dan and I decided to embark on a culinary journey that would test not only our cooking skills, but our patience. Making your own gnocchi is a LOT of work! I have always loved these rich little nuggets of potato-based delight, but of course, trusty old Clean Eating Magazine led me to a healthified version that would utilize sweet potatoes for extra vitamins and a lower glycemic index. This was our second attempt to re-make a traditionally “naughty” dinner and make it “nice.”

We baked the potatoes, while creating the mix-ins for our bolognese sauce.

After removing the jackets of said potatoes, we mushed them up in the food processor to create a puree. Note to self: next time add seasoning to puree!

We hand-rolled dozens of little pieces of gnocchi, taking painstaking care to make them the right shape and size.

Each roll is dropped into boiling water, and they magically float to the surface when they’re done. It was quite entertaining to watch!

All this time, the sauce had been simmering on the stove, so we just combined the two for a delicious dinner.

It was unbelievably tasty, but I have to say, after all that work (and I got so hungry along the way!) – I would save it for a weekend night. All the prep-work, plus cleanup meant a later-than-usual bedtime and a prolonged hunger after work. That being said, try it! Nothing boosts your kitchen-ego more than being able to roll your own “pasta” dish 🙂 .

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