Super Slim Superbowl

It’s that time of year again! The football season will unfortunately come to an end, but luckily, we get to send it off with a big bang – the SUPERBOWL! Although I’m less than thrilled with the matchup (I despise the Patriots), usually it’s a good excuse to get together with folks and eat some tasty snacks and drink beer. So that, in my book, is a great day. Usually, the fare for Superbowl parties includes high calorie offenders like pizza, fried chicken wings, creamy dips, sodium-infused potato chips and sugary sodas. So IF you happen to be looking for something lighter, I researched a few suggestions.

To replace cheesy or cream-based dips, there are a couple of versions that taste wonderful and contain plenty of nutritious attributes:

The Skinny Girl Mock a Mole sounds kind of gross but actually makes a fabulous alternative to guacamole. I’ve made it before and you can barely taste the difference. Here’s the recipe.

My family makes the most delicious avocado/bean dip. We’ve eaten it on several occasions on this blog, including here. You can make it any way you want, with proportions according to your tastes. I do mine with one can of corn, one can of black beans, two avocados, one (larger) can of tomatoes plus plenty of seasoning. Depending on who is partaking, I also add a jalapeno.

Instead of Ruffles or Doritos, dig into the dip with these chips.

They have flax seed and oat fiber, making them the perfect healthy-ish companion for dip.

IF you aren’t a dip person, but you love the crunch of chips, Funky Monkey Snacks make a freeze-dried fruit option – and while the texture is chip-like, they are all-natural and maintain all the nutrients of fruit!

For a main course, instead of filling up on cheesy pizza or breaded chicken wings, chili is a great option that allows for healthy customization. Here is one collection of suggestions.

As far as beverages go, beer will never be considered a low-cal, healthy option. There are light beers (MGD 64?) but they usually don’t taste as good as the regular ones. I usually go by the philosophy that if you are going to make the decision to imbibe, you might as well drink something you enjoy! Slightly lower calorie options that I enjoy personally are: wine, vodka with club soda OR one of the Skinny Girl products.

The most important component of all this is being able to pace yourself. Like the players on the field, you have four quarters to get through, so if you start off with too much zeal, you may end up tapped out before the game is over.

What kinds of food will YOU eat on the big game day AND who do you want to win? 

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