Sights Unseen

SO GLAD to have this feature back on the blog! 🙂 I’ve been very hit or miss lately about taking pictures, but I am SO wanting to get in a regular picture-taking place. Here are a few recent gems:

Dan’s parents gave him some items from his childhood that they’d been holding onto. Dan nerded out over these cars he built and the trophy he won from racing them. He also dug through his old “toy box” and got pretty excited about what might be in there.

Penny made best friends with my dad while watching some football, and tried to convince him to feed her. It didn’t work.

Meanwhile, Penny looked longingly out the window. She can’t really run around outside in the back when the snow is piled up the way she can when it’s dry. She loves it so much, and here I think she’s dreaming of the day when it will once again be possible.

Dan has had SO much exciting news lately – a new job, accepted to Depaul, about to finish his associate’s degree … he’s working extra hard to study for his two classes and keep his nose to the grindstone. I’m so proud of him!

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