Fitness Recap and Goals

Last week I wrote down some of the goals I had for fitness. Like any set of aspirations, I had some successes and a few disappointments. Here’s my week of workouts at a glance:

SUNDAY: As referenced in the aforementioned post, I completed a workout of Dan’s choosing – like most of the time he spends in the gym, we split our time between sprinting on the treadmill (HIIT – high intensity interval training) and rapid-fire strength training that also doubles as cardio (hysterical footnote – Dan got yelled at because we were throwing the medicine ball against the gym wall as part of our routine and the folks from the tanning salon were disturbed.

MONDAY: Because I have a hard time getting out of bed early on Monday mornings, ESPECIALLY in the winter when it’s cold and dreary, I compromised with an after-work workout. Even though the New Year’s Resolution crowd has thinned a bit, our gym is still quite packed at 5:30pm every day, so I found an at-home alternative. I completed one of my yoga DVD’s with some old-school calisthenics (think jumping jacks and fake jump roping) to get some cardio.

TUESDAY: Back at the early morning workout grindstone, I fashioned a weight-lifting routine for myself. I did assisted pull-ups, tricep dips, Arc Trainer, squats and push-ups to keep myself busy.

WEDNESDAY: Technically, this was going to be an off day to rest. After work, the weather wasn’t horrific, so Penny and I took a longer than usual walk, stopping every few blocks to jump up and down, jump rope style. I’m sure my neighbors are now convinced of my insanity. When I got back home, I checked in with my BodyMedia, which told me I’d STILL be short of my calorie burn target, so I tried out a new DVD – Cardio Kick Boxing for Dummies. Although the British accent from the instructor was slightly off-putting, I found this to be a great cardio alternative. You can do all of the workouts, but they are broken down in about ten minute increments so you can customize. Woot! I did two segments.

THURSDAY: Back to the gym, I ran. I got through about 3.75 miles of walk/run. My 5K time is still not something to brag about, but it’s definitely getting better. Additionally, my barefoot running experience is much improved, as my arches didn’t start hurting until about mile 2.5 (as opposed to the one mile marker they used to give out at).

FRIDAY: Originally I planned to get up and hit the gym early – but it just didn’t happen. Luckily, I got home from work revved up and ready to rock. Dan and I put together a workout on our at-home TRX system that was interspersed with cardio dance and kickboxing to keep our heartrates up. I am planning a post that specifically addresses the TRX gift we received from Dan’s parents for Christmas, but this is a sneak peek of one move we did.

Sidenote: Apologies about the messiness of our front hallway and also the strange look on my face. When I do the full post on TRX, these will hopefully be fixed.

SATURDAY: A true rest day. After a fun night out (until 3am) on Friday night and a busy Saturday morning plus the anticipation of a fun/late night on Saturday night as well – it was time for a rest. Enter some quality couch time.

I ended up hitting the treadmill again yesterday (the second I finished my treadmill workout, I realized that the weather was actually nice enough that I could have done my run outside and cursed myself for not realizing that fact earlier). I brought my 5K time down again, though I’m still not where I’d like to be. I was also able to make it about 4.5 miles with a lot of time in the home stretch spent walking. If I can even consider doing the 5 Mile race for St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve got to get it in gear!

Though I believe I did a good job of “fitting in fitness” this week to appease the goals my BodyMedia set for me. In terms of peaks, Thursday was my highest overall calorie burn day with 2410 calories. During my morning run, I got in 40 minutes of vigorous activity and was able to burn up to ten calories per minute.

I did not get back to my weight lifting book, so that’s still on my list for this week, as is the continued improvement on my running abilities. Dan mentioned that it took him three months to get used to the barefoot running shoes and work back up to his original running stamina. I’m still in month one, so I’m trying not to be too hard on myself, but I do want to keep pushing! Other fitness goals include:

-planking for one minute without wussing out

-increase flexibility with more yoga and consistent stretching after every workout

-bring the weight down on my assisted pull-ups (meaning I’d be pulling more of my own weight through a decrease in the counterbalance)

Happy Fitness Week! Anyone else got some goals this week? 

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