Fringe Benefits

Recently, my amazing parents celebrated a marriage milestone. 38 years of marriage! Happy anniversary, folks!

To mark this event, my brothers and I, plus our significant others, all got together to procure the perfect gift. Behold:

This Masterbuilt Electric Smoker seemed like the perfect deal for them because my dad loves to cook, experiment with recipes and try new tools. My mom? LOVES ribs. So here it is – the perfect bridge in their culinary life. Only this weekend? My mom wasn’t around to break it in. So my dad decided to make something she wouldn’t regret missing out on – tuna! And was I ever glad that I took part in the inaugural meal – an extremely auspicious beginning!

Served with spaghetti squash, parmesan encrusted carrots plus cabbage roasted with tomatoes … this was a wonderful first run with the smoker. I can’t wait ’til my mom gets back from Virginia so we can have ribs!

4 thoughts on “Fringe Benefits

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