Sights Unseen

Most years, the wintery dullness that January brings generally leads to a period of hibernation for Dan and I. We don’t like to venture out after work or on the weekends, preferring instead to order sushi, drink wine and catch up on our Netflix. I’m not sure if it’s because one of our Netflix disks is missing, but our weekends have been action-packed lately! Two of my very best friends have moved away from Chicago (I miss you, Kat and Dre!), but in the past couple of weeks, we’ve been lucky enough to see both of them! On the flip side, because of my amazing camera and its value to me, I rarely bring it out on the town. I don’t want it to get damaged, lost or stolen, and I’m still looking to replace my point and shoot as the quality of my current one leaves something to be desired. As such, I don’t have a lot of documentation (proof) of these goings on. We did have one “night in” during Kat’s visit, so I was able to break out my camera. Here’s a great one of a few of the girls:

aaaand the delicious pull-apart pizza bread Lindsey made for us (that we sucked down, as you can see):

Laura was also kind enough to bring a TON of delicious homemade leftover holiday treats.

That night, I also got some great shots that prove that all our friends love to talk with their hands. Observe:

I’m disappointed not to have any pictures from Andrea’s visit this past weekend, but we were out at bars, restaurants and the like the whole time, and my camera wouldn’t have been secure! I will report happily that on the second night of her visit, during a “battle of the sexes” tabletop shuffleboard game, the females triumphantly trounced the males! Here’s to breaking out of the winter hibernation tradition!

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