A Couple of Excuses to Indulge

To continue the pattern of refusing to hibernate during the winter of 2012, Dan and I have been out and about the past couple of weekends. Our good friends were gracious enough to host a party for the Super Bowl (they have an amazing television for sports!) Everyone brought snacks to graze on (we went simple, old school and made the avocado bean dip – we were in the midst of dealing with our mold situation), and it was a great game! The best part were all the bets we made ahead of time on silly things.

We chose categories such as: “Will the first car commercial after kickoff be for an American car brand or foreign?” and “How many times will Madonna change her clothes during the half time show?” There wasn’t a lot of money at stake and of course no one thought to place any money on the actual outcome of the game, but it made the whole night just a bit more exciting.

There were only a few discrepancies over wagers placed.

This past weekend, the same generous couple of friends organized another fun group event. Our second annual ski trip to Wisconsin! We rented a cabin for our whole crew and hit the slopes! Dan learned to snowboard for the first time, and of course, being as annoyingly athletic as he is, he was cruising down Black Diamond slopes before we broke for lunch. I hadn’t been skiing in years, but fortunately, I picked back up where I left off and did A-OK for the day myself!

After a long day out in the 8 degree weather, we cozied up in our cabin to play some games and have a few drinks.

We played Apples to Apples, Quelf and some other card games in front of the fire.

(By the way, in case you’ve never played, Quelf is one of the most ridiculous games ever invented – it’s silly, but very “out there.”)

Through both events, both snacks and alcoholic beverages really push the caloric intake up a notch. I didn’t record what I ate or drink too faithfully during either, but (sort of) made up for them with calorie burn, which I was monitoring. The nice thing about wearing my BodyMedia armband all the time, even if I don’t keep track of calories in, is that I at least know the general vicinity of my deficit/surplus by checking my phone to see how many calories burned I’m up to. The day of the Super Bowl party, Dan and I worked out in the morning in anticipation and to help balance things out a bit.

At the ski lodge, healthy eating options weren’t a huge part of the offering, but I  felt a little off the hook when I saw we had burned 2700 calories during our time on the slopes. I guess the bottom line is that life is for the living, and while there’s nothing wrong with keeping tabs on your stats, especially during the week when a routine is more plausible, doing it all the time, including social gatherings gets to be a bit too much, and can hinder getting as much out of the experience as you might otherwise. Though that almost seems a bit like an excuse to me, so I’m not decided on the issue. Live and let live! Or don’t.

2 thoughts on “A Couple of Excuses to Indulge

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