Breaking out the Cupcake Pans Again

For the longest time, I’ve been meaning to make some muffins. I love baking a batch, enjoying one warm right out of the oven, but then freezing a few as a stash for guaranteed great breakfast on the go. I found a few recipes worth trying, but just never had the time! I even went so far as to buy the ingredients for some bran-focused muffins, which I have yet to bake. But our ski trip this past weekend presented the perfect opportunity to break out the pans and give a new recipe a go. Since we would be spending a full day skiing, I did a search for muffins that would give us energy. I came up with one that looked interesting, and combined two of my faves – peanut butter and jelly!

I collected all my ingredients and got to work. Penny looked on with interest, especially when I added the star component, which also happens to be a favorite of hers!

She pushed the measuring cup around the kitchen for about 30 minutes in an attempt to get it all out.

The peanut butter with flour combination made the dough pretty sticky, so filling up the cupcake/muffin tin was a bit challenging. I forged ahead anyway, and covered each one with an appropriate amount of jam. (Unrelated sidenote: Dan desperately wanted our wedding cake to contain jam, so these muffins were a dream come true for him.)

One major problem I had was jelly-related. Because the peanut butter dough portion was more solidified than liquified, the jelly was all over the foil/paper wrappers. Once they’d gone through a round in the oven, this made some of them a little difficult to get out of the pan. Also, it made it harder to control the ratio of pb to j.

They didn’t turn out too badly.

The people that did try them said they liked them (I’m sure they were trying to spare my feelings 🙂 ) – BUT I think a few adjustments need to be made to these babies. They need a bit more flavor, a smidge more moisture and DEFINITELY better jelly placement. Other than that, though, they were a good concept and pretty filling!

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