Won’t you be my … Valentine?

Just a throwback for all you Mr. Rogers fans out there. I know there have to be some. Well, another holiday has come and gone, and you know how much I love any excuse to celebrate. So celebrate we did! Valentine’s Day is actually one of my faves because what else is there to celebrate between New Year’s and … Easter? St. Patty’s of course, which is still a month away. When the weather is cold and dreary, I’ll take any excuse to pop open some bubbly. So after hitting the gym to pre-atone for my eating (and drinking) sins, that’s just what we did. (Sidenote: I do not actually work out to balance what I eat. I do it because I love it … it just seems to coincidentally coincide so frequently with consuming lots of calories.)

Once more, with feeling (and hearts!)

While we sipped, we got to work on the holiday edition of pizza! We decided to create a pie with lots of red toppings to commemorate the day.

Some ingredients added were NOT red, but please don’t tell anyone. It would be embarrassing for everyone involved.

Penny was watching closely, so I hope she doesn’t spill the beans!

We covered our tracks by adding another layer of red over that. Phew!

Then we added some delicious cheese for seasoning:

The finished product was absolute perfection. No question – best pizza ever. Or at least this week.

We completed our evening with a romantic movie. Have you ever seen “I love you, Phillip Morris?” It’s pretty good! But don’t make the mistake I did by calling it “I love you, Philip Seymour Hoffman.” It’s really embarrassing.

In case you were wondering what I did for Dan’s Valentine? I broke into his bathroom, vandalized it and left the remains behind. Or I plastered his mirror with window clings that have a Valentine’s Day theme and handwrote on one of the hearts.

But also, with the help of the lovely Anna, I framed a visual representation of our wedding song for him to hang on the wall. Which he has already done. Brownie points for him!

I didn’t get Penny a Valentine, but her birthday is coming up soon, so she won’t be totally out in the cold.

Happy Valentine’s!!! 

3 thoughts on “Won’t you be my … Valentine?

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