Spring Cleaning (or how to burn 3300 calories in a day)

Recently, Dan and I decided that although we enjoyed the serenity and stresslessness that came along with using a maids service every month, it was no long worth the dent it was putting in our wallets. We have made a pact to streamline our lives, and this was just the first step toward that goal. Fortunately, we were able to further this mindset by cleaning our own living space and getting rid of all unnecessary belongings (finally!) We started with an embarrassingly cluttered canvas.

The kitchen looked like a fraternity had moved in with us.

And yes, the mess extended into the fridge.

The living room was a warzone (which I blame mostly on Penny – who leaves their toys out on the living room END TABLE?!)

Our bedroom was the most stressful space for me, being that we look at every morning first thing when we wake up.

My closet didn’t really allow for a streamlined prep process every morning.

So, being the 21st century nerd that I am, I first turned to the Internet for assistance and inspiration. Apartment Therapy provided the necessary components for a cleaning campaign. Armed with our newly purchased supplies and plenty of determination, we set off.

After four straight hours of scrubbing, dusting, organizing and donating, we had gotten rid of quite a bit of trash (I didn’t think to take a picture of all we threw away), and I had selected LOTS of items to free myself from!

With plenty more space in my closet, it looks a lot better (to me).

Dan did an amazing job on the kitchen AND the fridge.

And as usual, Penny was completely counterproductive to the whole process.

We capped our cleaning marathon with a run. Dan mapped our route and refused to tell me how far we were going, which is how I ended up being able to get through SIX WHOLE MILES!? It was a huge shock to me when we finished and Dan revealed the final number, but I was pretty darn excited. To celebrate, I plugged in my BodyMedia to reveal that the whole day – from cleaning to sprinting, had earned me a 3300 calorie burn! Now I’m extra glad we got rid of our maids service.

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