Top 5 Things I’m Googling

The Internet is a terrible/wonderful thing. It can be a vast sea of resources on problems ranging from minuscule to earth shattering, OR it can be a terrifying roadblock to the truth, as every idiot with a WiFi connection contributes his two cents to message boards, Twitter and the blogging community.

Recently, I’ve had a few questions on my mind that I’ve turned to Google to shed some light on. I’m going to share them here, but honestly, most of them deserve a decently sized blog post of their own, so that will probably follow at some point.

1. Cuboid Bone (Number one Google result came from Wikipedia here): A couple of weeks ago, I told you about an amazing six mile run that Dan and I completed. My endurance might have been able to handle the miles, but apparently my feet were not up to the challenge. About 48 hours after the run, I began to have pain in my left ankle, calf and outside edge of my foot. The next day, it was painful to walk, so I started freaking out, thinking it might be a stress fracture, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis (I Googled all of these terms too, by the way). All my enthusiastic searching led me to one conclusion – I needed to get someone else who KNEW what they were doing to look at it. On the recommendation of a co-worker, I made an appointment for an injury screening with Athletico for the next day. After several tests of my balance (it hurt to stand on my injured foot), a tuning fork test (to see if I had a stress fracture – the verdict was a ‘no’!), a visual examination of my feet, ankles and bone structure (you DO have high arches and weak ankles!), the PT concluded that I had most likely pushed my cuboid bone out of place. Changing my running form (heel strike to forefoot strike), upping my mileage (didn’t follow the increase by 10% at a time rule), switching terrain (heading outside after months on a treadmill) and alternating shoes (back to my regular cross trainers after using the barefoot shoes Dan bought me for 8 weeks) had simply been too much stress on the muscles and tendons in my foot, so they stopped holding this stabilizing bone in place. The PT ordered a rest from running until the pain subsides completely (I’m almost there, I think!) and some strengthening exercises with my resistance band (I’m supposed to do a whole host of them for my sprained ankles as well – need to get back on that!). I’ve spent a lot of time researching this whole ordeal and I have to say, the Internet is not ALWAYS a legitimate or trustworthy place to turn for injuries, though there is a plethora of people who are interested in giving their opinion on the topic.

2. Bourbon Cupcakes. This one’s a little more cut and dry. It’s Dan’s birthday on Saturday and these are the kind of cupcakes he wants. So if anyone has a delicious recipe to share, please do! Here is the frontrunner at this point.

3. Substitutions for ginger. When I made my healthy cupcakes on Sunday, I was at my parents’ house and they DIDN’T have ground ginger! Can you believe it? I couldn’t either. Luckily this is one topic where the Internet is a HUGE asset, and I found this chart pretty quickly, and will be using it again!

4. Yoga for Runners: With the recent injury, plus my newfound zeal for the art of yoga, I know that certain stretches and practices are key in helping stay injury free and flexible for running! This was the first result I found (Runner’s World was actually a hugely helpful in all my searching), and it led to some awesome yoga practicing, but I was looking for a legitimate DVD that I could do on a routine basis. I looked through Amazon’s recommendations, but settled on something I found at Fit Bottomed Girls. I ordered one of their listed items and can’t wait to try it out!

5. Things to Photograph. Being that it’s the end of winter – there’s not a lot of snow and everything is soggy, I’ve been in a bit of a photo funk lately. I was looking for new sources of inspiration and found a few here. Now I just have to do it 🙂 I started with my foot.

Sometimes, when I have a foot/ankle injury, I take off the sock on that foot to ice it. Dan thinks this is hysterical and never gets tired of it. I knew I married him for a reason 🙂

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I’m Googling

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