UNhealthy cupcakes (sorry, but they are SO good!!!)

Last week, I posted about some amazing healthy cupcakes I made. This week, I’m here to tell you about the flip side of the coin.

For Dan’s birthday, I wanted to create (per his request) cupcakes that contained bourbon. I didn’t end up using the first result from Google, but instead landed on THIS tantalizing option. I laid out my materials and got to work:

Dan helped out by drinking some of the extra Guinness with his breakfast. For his birthday, I told him I would make him anything he wanted for breakfast. He chose corned beef hash (from a can) with over-easy eggs, cheese and baked beans (with bacon). I don’t understand it, but I complied.

These cupcakes involved a lot of steps to create the cupcake base and chocolate/Jameson ganache, and since we were rushing around to get everything done for the birthday dinner evening, I decided NOT to make my own frosting (I’m still not very confident in this arena), but instead buy some buttercream frosting that I mixed Bailey’s into to top the cakes. I heard a LOT of people complimenting these cakes/asking for seconds, and I actually ate one two myself (which is a HUGE deal, as I normally don’t eat cupcakes), so I definitely recommend giving this recipe a go. With St. Patty’s Day coming up, might be perfect timing?

One thought on “UNhealthy cupcakes (sorry, but they are SO good!!!)

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