The Boar Birthday

I was born in the Year of the Rat. Dan was too, but this year we decided to celebrate his birthday with a different animal. After having visited Frontier in Chicago several times previously with different groups of people, we knew the food was excellent, the drinks were tasty and that the people ordering whole animal meals always had a lot of fun! We gathered a group of folks that we’d frequented the restaurant with previously who had expressed interest in this phenomenon, threw in our parents and got ready to party. In case you’re wondering, or think this is a joke, I’ll explain what a whole animal party IS. You order a whole animal – boar, pig, goat, etc. It comes with salad and a couple sides, but basically a whole mess of carnivores get down on some slow-roasted goodness. If you’re having a hard time picturing what this looks like, let me assist you.

First, since you showed up starving, you foolishly fill up on the salad. It could have been worse, though. At least no one ordered appetizers.

Suckers. Just munchin’ away!

Then. They bring out the meat. And it’s even bigger than anyone imagined (no dirty jokes please).

The birthday boy was definitely ready to dig in.

Luckily, they had a professional carver to get the best cuts of meat for us. I haven’t the slightest clue how to dig into a beast that large.

We also dug into a littttttttle bit of mac n’ cheese.

After we’d passed around four different cuts of meat about three times each, we gave in and let Dan open his presents.

Between the boar, the cupcakes and the great presents (tons of new vinyl from his parents and the BOURNE TRILOGY on Blue-Ray from mine), I’m pretty sure Dan felt this birthday was one of the best. The only problem have is matching it next year! Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “The Boar Birthday

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