Sights Unseen, Quelf Edition

Quelf is an amazing/ridiculous/stupid game. It’s very simple – all you do is roll the dice, move your game piece and read the instructions printed on the card you land on. Depending on who you play the game with, it can be an absolutely hysterical experience. We played on Christmas with Dan’s cousins, and then again on our ski trip. Both times were a hoot, so we knew that with Andrea and Kris in town last weekend, we had to give it a whirl. I think everyone had fun?

Kris’ first physical challenge was to make a snorkel out of objects found around the house and wear it throughout the duration of the game.

Andrea’s brother, Alex, was very thorough and careful about reading the cards during his turn.

During one round of rules, we had to give each other nicknames, and Andrea was thrilled with the one I came up with for her. Chestnut Cheeks!

Though Dan is a seasoned expert at Quelf, I ended up being the winner this time.

Since we spent so much time being obsessed with Catch Phrase, it was a nice change of pace and I always have a good time – impersonating Elvis, watching other people pretend to be Santa Claus and all sorts of other insane antics. Anyone want to play this weekend? 🙂

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