Sights Unseen, St. Patty’s Day Edition

This year, I didn’t have a green smoothie for breakfast. I ALSO didn’t get to run the race as I originally planned. After my foot injury, I decided it would be best to sit this race out. BUT, I did get to go to Saint Louis with a bunch of amazing folks, most of which who DID run the race. Below is the proof.

On Friday evening, Anna made a pasta dinner for everyone so all the runners could carbo-load.

She also made us some AMAZING cupcakes, because … they are delicious.

Everyone made it through the race, despite the blistering heat that arrived around the last mile.

We all recovered (including me, despite the fact that I didn’t run the race) with some nice cold beers on Laura’s rooftop patio. Such a WARM day, despite the fact that it was technically still winter.

People were very into the festivity of the holiday – there were boas, flashing sunglasses and green everywhere you looked.

I hope I’m able to run the race next year. I was quite jealous of everyone’s sweat and post-running highs after the race. Go, Anna!

And, of course, there’s the perk of your free beer after the race. Even if you did have to wait in line for a long time to get it.

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day this year!

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