Going Vegan

Not permanently. I could NEVER do that – I love cheese and meat way too much. See here and here for the most PRIME examples. I also think that they provide excellent sources of protein that I’m sure I could supplement elsewhere in my diet (this might be an argument for another post, but all you veggies/vegans out there are totally welcome to disagree – I welcome the differing points of view on the topic!).

For one night, however, Dan and I decided to cut the animal products. We bravely stepped into the world of VEGAN PIZZA! For the first time, we utilized Follow Your Heart Cheese (Monterey Jack imitation) and a “sausage” substitute –  Seitan. We supplemented with tomatoes, red onion and kale – see below for proof.

I’m not the pickiest eater, so this may not mean much, but I thought it was good! The Seitan definitely did NOT taste like sausage to me, but I don’t really like sausage that much to begin with, so I was OK with that part. The vegan cheese actually surprised me. I really like both the taste and the texture, which I’ve heard less than fabulous things about, so I would definitely use it again (on a pizza or elsewhere, since Dan snuck a slice into my eggs the following morning).

This article gives a little more information on the nutritional makeup of seitan. Apparently, it:

-has 26 grams of protein (in a 4 ounce serving) – that’s more than I would have suspected!

-has a decent amount of iron (almost half your daily allowance)

-doesn’t pack a whole load of carbs. Mostly only wheat proteins involved. Thumbs up for that!

What kinds of vegan food do YOU recommend? 

2 thoughts on “Going Vegan

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