Dan’s Hunger Games “Fuel the Fire” Leg Workout

Sometimes, I put myself at Dan’s mercy for a workout. It’s fun to not have to think about what I’m going to do and he’s really good at challenging me, presenting new exercises to try and setting the bar high in terms of performance. My last two workouts have been his trademark butt kickers, and I’m so glad I did (afterward, of course). The most recent one was a seemingly simple three mile run that included a faster pace and plenty of speedwork. But it was his first, strength-training workout was way more interesting and unique. We’d been discussing, amongst ourselves and with a few of our friends, about who we knew that would be able to survive during a remake of our very own Hunger Games. I personally don’t think I’d have a shot, but every time I feel like giving up during my workouts these days, I just channel my inner-Katniss. Dan’s first crack at a Hunger Games workout is below.

Start with a quick warm up – I chose the Arc Trainer, walking or jogging on the treadmill would also be just fine!

Pick a barbell that you can hold over your head while lunging. And then lunge away. We went back and forth across the studio in our gym four times, which felt like a lot! My legs were quite tired by the end.

Row, row, row your boat! We rowed 1000 meters next on the rowing machines. As fast as we possibly could. We might have even raced.

Finally, we hopped on the high-incline treadmills and cranked it all the way up. We weren’t going THAT fast (I think mine was on 2.1), but a quarter mile at that incline was intense. Then, we turned around and did it backwards.

It was a quick-ish workout that left my legs feeling like jello. Perfect.

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