Sights Unseen!

I am so happy to be back for this Friday feature. I feel like it’s been a while, right? Anyway, I actually have SO many amazing pictures from life lately, but I decided to make this an Easter-themed picture collage. Happy Friday!

My parents wore adorable, matching, mint-colored shirts. They were wonderful hosts!

Dan’s parents brought over a beautiful Easter plant. I still have zero idea what it’s called.

Everyone had a great time catching up – and apparently my mom had a secret. Not nice, mom!

We enjoyed some wonderful beverages (strawberry lemonade sparklers!) before dinner.

Penny got plenty of attention, of course.

My dad and Dan’s uncle did a fabulous job preparing our meat dishes. And as usual, they look creepily identical.

Penny headed up clean-up operations.

2 thoughts on “Sights Unseen!

  1. So funny- the creepily identical thing! In the third picture down, I thought your mom was telling secrets to you dad! But then in the creepily identical picture I realized that that was Dan’s uncle, based on the shirt! creepy!

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