A Workout for Anna

Last night, I tweeted that I was in need of some new strength moves. I’ve been stuck in a RUTine now for quite some time. As I described to Andrea this afternoon (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY, MY LOVE!!!!!!), it’s so easy to plan your cardio workouts. You hop on a treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, bike or running trail and you’re good to go. Planning a strength workout requires figuring out what muscle groups you want to work on, creating a mix of each, possibly learning new moves (in my case, writing it down and using stick figures to illustrate the moves for myself). Luckily, my college roommate and good friend, Anna (Happy Birthday to you last Saturday, buddy!) had the answer. Using her for inspiration, I created the below circuit workout:

Repeat four times – try not to die. I’ll admit, I did a lot of panting.

7-8 “manmakers” In case you aren’t aware of this treat, here’s how you do it: Dumbbell in each hand (I started with ten pounders), hop down into push-up position, do a push-up, then do a row with each arm. Jump back up, bicep curl and shoulder press. Heavy sigh and begin again.

10 Windshield Wipers with a Stability Ball. Here’s a video in case you don’t know how to do those. They cause pain.

15 Hamstring Curls on the Stability Ball. I figured, hey, I’m using the ball and laying on my back already – why not?

10 Curtsy Lunges per side (add a little kick and don’t pause in between reps for some extra burn in your stabilizing leg.)

After all this was over, I did 3 sets of another mini-circuit that included:

10 push-ups (some girly, some not)

3 plank holds (almost a minute each time)

20 reps on the seated row machine. I actually had to use the more muscle-isolating machine because someone was parked on the compound row bench, sweating all over the place with no discernible activity causing said perspiration. FRUSTRATION!

I finished it all with some stretching, because I’m all about that lately. Downward dog, etc. Do it – it could save you some injuries!

Now – off to watch some Blackhawks playoff hockey and mentally celebrate the birthdays of my two lovely friends, mentioned above and pictured below.

Happy Birthday, Anna!

And happiest birthday, Andrea!

4 thoughts on “A Workout for Anna

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