It’s still Easter, right?

That’s what I thought. We had a delicious Easter weekend this year, and this is honestly the first chance I’ve had to post about it. Stupid life, you’re always getting in the way of my blogging responsibilities! Oh well, I’m sure everyone wouldn’t mind re-living a fabulous holiday weekend, yeah?

Ours started out perfectly – Dan and I had Friday off, so we played tennis, went golfing and watched some of the Masters on tv at a local sports bar with a pint of Green Line in our grubby little mitts. For anyone who DOESN’T know – Green Line is an offering from local company, Goose Island – it doesn’t come in bottles or cans, just on tap at a limited number of establishments throughout the Chicagoland area (so it’s green, cause there’s no packaging!)

We spent Friday night prepping for Easter with a bit of festive egg-dying. To give us strength and fuel our creativity, Dan put together some snacks. One featured a creature he had NEVER worked with before.

It was delicious (and gone in about two seconds). I was slightly afraid that it wouldn’t turn out well, so I made a safer snack to go along with it.

We mixed up dye in all different colors from a variety of kits (tye-dye, marble, classic). Back in my day, there were about five choices, and that was it! Nowadays, it’s a lot more complicated.

I requested that Dan (the most creative egg dyer I have EVER seen) create a special egg for me. He decided on the “Jersey Shore” egg. This was all that went into it.

I unfortunately did NOT snap any shots of our final products. I’ll tell ya what, though, they were not as good as last year’s.

On Easter Sunday, we kept our cephalopod recipes in the cupboard and made something a little more universally appealing. I came up with the idea, but Dan did most of the work.

Once again, I failed on the final photo of these guys, but they were beautiful Parmesan Knots! You take canned dough (opening the can is my favorite part), wrap it around some cheese in a knot-like fashion, brush the whole deal with olive oil, garlic, more Parmesan … then bake for 10 minutes or until they are crispy! A real crowd pleaser.

For the main event, my parents used their anniversary present (the smoker!) to make ribs and brisket.

We also enjoyed a variety of salads:

And some veggies…

And of course, it wouldn’t be Easter (or any holiday, really), without my mom’s famous coconut cake!

Who doesn’t love (re-living) Easter?

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