A delicious Friday night in

Lots of celebrating happened over the weekend. Andrea was in town (and of course I didn’t bring my camera ANY of the times I hung out with her!) and since her birthday was a recent occurrence, I decided to make her a special, chocolate-y treat. I know she likes to stay on the healthy side of life, so I searched high and low for a recipe that would fulfill both requirements. Luckily, Chocolate Covered Katie exists, and had the perfect solution. Her fudgy brownie recipe looked indulgent without breaking the calorie bank. She uses coconut oil and TOFU to create a gooey brownie without eggs or a ton of oil. She also has a sugar-free modification, but since it was a special occasion, I did not skimp on that ingredient. To make my batch extra festive for my main home girl, I even added dark chocolate chips AND rainbow sprinkles (does anyone else hate it when people call them jimmies? I never get that.) Mine don’t look NEARLY as good as hers, but the birthday girl was more than satisfied (I linked to the recipe above for you, Dre!)

After my baking was complete, Dan was kind enough to make pizza for our dinner. You know much we love our homemade pizzas. This time, I was allowed to select the toppings, and I went with mango, turkey sausage and goat cheese. It did not disappoint, and for some extra spice, Dan added HABANERO peppers. It was a ton of amazing flavor, but SOMEONE couldn’t handle the heat (aka … Dan ended up coughing and claiming that he must have gotten one of the “extra hot” slices). I personally thought it was divine, and ended up devouring more than my fair share of the pie.

As we munched our dinner, we watched a documentary called “For the Bible Tells Me So.” It was quite disturbing, in my opinion, and it got a little repetitive. The main message is that devout Catholics believe that homosexuality is an abomination and should be wiped out. It was so sad to hear of parents disowning their children and telling them how much of a disappointment they’d turned out to be. I also thought that it could have been more informative in terms of actual Bible passages that people use to support these opinions and how people refute them. It seemed more emotionally driven than factually. Since it’s playoff season, and Dan and I made a deal (he watches one sporting event with me, I watch one documentary with him), I’ll most likely be able to share opinions on lots more of these in the near future. We also watched the Enron documentary this week, which I DO recommend. At the time of this scandal (early 2000’s, late 1990’s), I was definitely too young to really care about or understand what was going on, and the film provides a great insight into the important characters and the goings on of the drama.

Have YOU seen any good documentaries recently?

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