The “Give and Take” Workout

Last week, I mentioned that I’d be working on an overhaul of my fitness routine, including my strength training. I’m off to a great start! A few days ago, I kickstarted with a foolproof, full-body strength workout – Jillian Michaels’ “No More Trouble Zones.” She takes you through a series of circuits that cumulate to create a well-balanced, super strenuous workout. It was effective – almost too effective, as I was notably sore for two full days and had to downgrade a succeeding workout to 40 minutes on the elliptical to aid recovery. BUT, today, I’m here to tell you about a circuit that Dan and I developed during one of our recent two mile walks with the pooch (since I swore off running last week to avoid ankle injury, we took Penny on long walks in the forest preserve instead). It stemmed from the push/pull balance (push/pull = give/take) that my good friend at recommends. Here it is – tiring, but not EXHAUSTING, and constantly moving to keep things fresh and exciting.

1. Warm-up: 750 meters on the rowing machine (much more enjoyable if an exciting hockey game is on the television!)

2. Tricep dips

3. Lat PullDowns

4. Shoulder Press

5. 500 meters on the rowing machine. As fast as humanly possible, without throwing up.

Repeat steps 2-5 as many times as you think necessary!

I went through steps 2-5 four times at varying weights and number of reps. Today, my reps went in this pattern: 15, 9, 6, 10. On my third round of the circuit, I also added in 20 reps of 100 pounds on the leg press and kept that in rotation for the last round as well.

I finished everything up by playing the “fish game” on the rowing machine (basically a challenge designed to take you through a series of rowing “sprints.”) I did 15 minutes on the Arc Trainer and finished the whole shebang with 30 (girl) push-ups on the Bosu Ball.

The whole ordeal took almost an hour. According to my faithful BodyMedia LINK armband, I burned 445 calories (yeah, baby!) and my workout included about 5 minutes of “vigorous activity” – this either came from frantic rowing or from sprinting across the gym to get to my various stations. Although the end result was a little heavy on arms and light on legs, I will definitely try this one again.

Do you like to work your arms or your legs more? What are your favorite and most torturous fitness DVD choices? 

3 thoughts on “The “Give and Take” Workout

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