Birthdéjà vu

I had a lot of important birthdays in my life recently. Anna, Andrea, my brother and my DAD! His came up on the heels of Andrea’s, and since he so frequently makes dinner for our whole family, Dan and I took it upon ourselves to return the favor just this once. Because Andrea enjoyed her brownies from Chocolate Covered Katie so much, and because they are healthy (my dad is a health NUT!) – there was a repeat performance.

For those involved that AREN’T chocolate lovers (actually my dad is semi-included in that camp of folks), Peanut Butter Fingers came to the rescue with her delicious banana bread recipe. It was a little denser than some bread recipes I’m used to, but it turned out phenomenally.

After the baked goods were finished, we started in on our prep-work for the main event – dinner!

Those beautiful carrots and sweet potatoes were roasted as a nice side dish ro our main course.

We started out with some appetizers to keep everyone happy and engaged.

I absolutely adore steamed mussels. They are delicious, full of protein and flavor, and take me back to amazing trips to Boston to visit Kristyn (though the seafood here is obviously never as fresh as what’s available there!) This first course couldn’t be easier to prepare either. We simmer ours in a broth (this time it was beef, but you can use whatever) and then serve as is! You have to wait about 10 minutes for them to open up, but YUMM-O!

Because my parents had never had the pleasure of tasting Dan’s and my homemade pizzas, we made a couple to honor my dad’s birthday. Oone pie was Greek-inspired, with feta, olives, sund-dried tomatoes and pesto. The other had prosciutto, pears and olives (no cheese). They were a hit, as expected.

The whole birthday celebration was a smashing success, especially since it ended with a new episode of Mad Men. It’s the ONLY show I watch live (not on DVR).

What shows do YOU obsess over? What pizza combos would you like to try?

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