Sights Unseen

Hi, all!

This Friday is VERY special – Kristyn is coming to town! Hooray, and happy early birthday to her 🙂 As I eagerly anticipate her arrival this evening, here are some pictures to distract me/us.

My Christmas present to Dan this year was a turntable and some records to get his collection started. Since then, he’s been building up his vinyl arsenal via his birthday and a used bookstore we found down the street from our apartment that has some gems! We took about two shelves worth of books there on Saturday and nabbed some music in exchange.

Spring has sprung, and our apartment complex is looking peaceful and beautiful. When we move to the city (so soon!), I will miss this small connection to nature we have in our backyard. I bet Penny will miss her friends (ducks, squirrels, baby geese) as well.

Speaking of baby geese…They are so adorable! Unfortunately, the presence of youngin’s makes the mama and papa goose even more aggressive and protective. Dan almost got beaked last week when he locked himself out of our apartment. He kept one eye on the gaggle while he threw Penny in the apartment window and scrambled in after her. I REALLY wish I had gotten to see that.

Dan’s been hard at work on his calculus lately as he heads into the home stretch. He’s finished his associate’s (GO DAN!!!!) and just has a few more weeks of studying derivatives, anti-derivatives and functions before he has a small summer break. Then he starts UIC (University of Illinois Chicago) in the fall. I am so happy for him and I admire how hard he works. He’s amazing! And sometimes I feel amazing when I’m able to help him using my very stale knowledge of math 🙂

In addition to working hard at school and his new job, Dan has begun training for his second round of Tough Mudderism. He’ll be running September, so he bought toe shoes (which I’m sure he will do a review of at some point) and has started the grueling process. Unfortunately, he’s had to take this week off due to back injury, but I know that means he’ll be throwing himself back into it even more when he’s healed.


Happy Friday!

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