Coming Full Circle

Ever since my post about re-thinking my fitness program, I’ve made a conscious effort to rehabilitate my routine. I’ve been paying pretty close attention to my BodyMedia numbers (except on the weekends, when I try to be a little more lenient about my caloric intake), doing my ankle exercises with a lot more frequently and overhauling my strength and cardio mindset. Last week’s workouts looked like this:

On Sunday, I did the “Give and Take” Workout.

Monday, I completed a session of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders‘ Yoga.

Tuesday, I designed a new strength workout to hit some of the muscle groups I didn’t work as hard on Sunday. The routine is below.

You can split up the reps any way you choose, but I did four iterations of the circuit, hovering around 10 reps, depending on the overall total. Walking uphill is a double whammy because it burns a ton of calories but also helps strength my ankles and feet. Score!

I took a break on Wednesday, which worked out perfectly because we got to go see a sneak preview of The Avengers! If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend. Very entertaining and funny.

Thursday was unfortunate. I decided to take my interval work outside, not realizing how difficult that would be in 90 degree weather. I did about 2.5 miles worth of running, sprinting and (just a little) walking. Burned a ton of calories, though, so it served its purpose! Welcome, Chicago summer.

On Friday, I took another look at the suggested number of reps per week for each muscle group from and created the leftovers workout you see below.

I ended my session with a relaxing 15 minutes on the Arc Trainer.

Saturday’s workout concluded the week with a nice, easy two mile run in the morning. It felt great to get out and stretch my legs a bit since I was a bit more gym and strength-focused for most of the week.

I really enjoyed my week of workouts last week, and I think I might just repeat it this week, for the most part. I’ll switch it up next week, to keep my body guessing, but this is a great formula to follow, and a wonderful fallback when I don’t have time/energy to plan out new workouts.

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