The ‘Tails of Mad Men

One of Dan’s and my favorite television shows is Mad Men. We never knew of his excellence, but during its two year hiatus, someone encouraged us to give it a shot, and start from the beginning. We pushed Season 1, Disc 1 to the top of our Netflix queue and pressed play. Literally two minutes in, and we were hooked. We immediately edited our whole disc playlist, filling it with the remainder of the seasons. We hungrily ate up each episode, barely stopping to go to work or sleep. When we reached the end, we couldn’t believe we would have to wait so long for the new season to start and relieve of us of our curiosity about the characters and plot line. In the past few weeks that it’s been on, we’ve eagerly planned our Sundays around the 9pm start time, ignoring the fact that we could record the show and watch it later, sans commercials. We’ve decided to further enhance our viewing experience by creating a new cocktail each week, in the spirit of Don Draper and all the alcoholics on Madison Street. Here is the first attempt, not a new cocktail, but a new twist on an old favorite. Here’s a snapshot hint for you:

It’s perfect for summer, combining basil, cucumber and lemon for a refreshing drink suitable for any hour of the morning, afternoon or evening. I suggest you all go home and try one this evening. Here’s how we did it:

Joan’s Red Dress Bloody Mary:
In a tumbler, mix:
1-2oz cucumber vodka
1 basil leave
lemon juice
shake well and pour into glass rimmed with celery salt
add 1 dash Worcestershire
hot sauce to taste
top with V-8 juice
THEN, snap pictures and share them with me! I struggled a bit with the name of this one – does anyone have another title that they think works better?

2 thoughts on “The ‘Tails of Mad Men

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