Goin’ Places

We did it! We signed a lease for a BEAUTIFUL apartment in the city. Come September, Dan will be in school full time, so we figured there was no time like this to move back into the city – we’ve both missed it so much since moving OUT of the city three years ago. We have big plans to implement our healthy lifestyle once there, and these are just a few that we’ve come up with so far.

1. The most amazing fresh fruits and vegetables: One way that we will have better access to these is through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). We found an amazing guide to some of Chicago’s best options via The Local Beet. We haven’t settled on which one we’ll use just yet, but I can’t wait to have amazing, fresh produce from local farmers. In addition to this gem of a resource, we are moving right next to a renowned Farmer’s Market. Every Sunday, June through October, amazing fare will pass before us. I can’t wait!

2. A MUCH larger variety of restaurants, including vegan options! While Dan and I are not vegans, or even vegetarians, I know that there are times at which following either practice is a healthier options (not ALWAYS, but SOMETIMES). For example, hanging out with Cassie the past few times for dinner and drinks, I’ve had pizza without cheese or meat and tacos (without cheese or meat). Both these dishes’ health/caloric factor is significantly improved by going vegan. In the suburbs, this kind of restaurant is a rarity, but in the city, you can find anything! Here’s one place I’ve been to and can’t wait to head back to – Handlebar. Not surprisingly, I went there with Miss Cass and it’s amazing! We’ve also been to Revolution Brewing, which not only has amazing beers, but a diverse and intriguing menu. Lots of the items are vegetarian and easily converted to be vegan, so I guess we’ll just have to keep going at least until we try the whole menu…  I’m also excited to try new vegan options such as La Cocina Logan Square (apparently it has a whole seitan menu!) and this vegan bakery. So many options!

3. Biking/walking. Clearly living in the city sets the scene for a lot more walking than we do now. Hoofing it to the El, at the very least, is a lot more calorie-burning friendly than hopping in the car and parking in those huge lots that the suburbs are famous for.  Biking is another facet to this. I already own a bike (that desperately needs to be tuned) and Dan will soon own a bike. This article from the Chicago Tribune shows how important biking is in Logan Square, but I have no doubt that Dan and I will be forging our own paths, heading to the lake and biking all over town. Trails like this one allow for biking OR running – both activities I’m sure we will be taking full advantage of.

I’m hoping we will discover even more ways to evolve as healthy city-dwellers once we actually move in (which is happening VERY soon!), but…

Does anyone have any suggestions about healthy living in the city of Chicago?

3 thoughts on “Goin’ Places

  1. When I read this, I feel envious and excited. I find myself missing living in Chicago. I miss biking in Chicago. I miss farmers’ markets in Chicago (although I’m partial to Henry’s Farm and the Evanston Farmers’ Market). I miss friends in Chicago! I miss restaurants in Chicago. Are you moving to Logan Square? The Dill Pickle is a great food coop there (also some friends of mine run it/work there). Also Lula has delectable eats (some friends of mine work there too…)– and yum, I really like the Handlebar too. but I am tempted to go on AND on AND on. Speaking of vegan stuff though, Bleeding Heart Bakery is the bomb (or at least it used to be). It’s at Belmont and Western (not in Logan Square), I think, these days. ooh and Bite by the Western blue line or …well, I’ll chill out for now. and then man the delicious places on the Northeast side…ooh– have fun!

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