The Art of Frugality

Since we are moving to the city soon, where rent is higher, the temptation to go out is formidable and the general cost of living is exponentially greater than in the suburbs, we have decided to make a game out of pinching pennies any way we can. SO – I will be posting lots of budget recipes, money-saving maneuvers and any other techniques I can think of for being cheap. My brother is technically the king of frugality, so we can’t pretend for a second to even be close to his level, but this will be a very good start for us (and anyone else who would rather drink good wine than waste their money on food that ends up going to waste). One of the first games/tactics we’ve implemented is attempting to make all of our dinners for under $10. Here is a recently successful entry that was both frugal and delicious – homemade pizza! This one featured apples, brie, onions, garlic and rosemary. Delish! Here is the breakdown:

One pizza dough package (we buy ours from Caputo’s): $2.49

One Granny Smith Apple: $.45

One package of Brie (our splurge of this trip): $5.49

One Yellow Onion: $.35

Total Cost at the Store? $8.78.

It was not only inexpensive, but completely delicious! Here’s a picture of the final product.

This pizza was addictive. It was rich, too, so we were unable to finish the whole pie. Even more savings. We rule!

2 thoughts on “The Art of Frugality

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