Thirsty Thursday

In college, we used to celebrate the “almost” end to every week with a ritual we called “Thirsty Thursday.” Before we were 21, these nights consisted of beer pong, boat races and other drinking games that took place in someone’s apartment. Once everyone was of legal age, we would head to a magical place in St. Louis called Morgan Street where you could get pitchers of beer on Thursday nights for a QUARTER. Yes, just 25 cents would serve about four people with two beers each. Insanity! Well since TODAY is Thursday, I thought – what better time to bring up our most recent Mad Men concoction? Dan fostered this beautiful brainchild, which was ALSO inspired by the recent alcoholic’s holiday – the Kentucky Derby! It’s very simple.

You make Iced Tea (we used Crystal Light to save some calories) and put it in a pitcher. In a tall, highball glass filled with ice, pour about a shot of your favorite Kentucky Bourbon (we used Jim Beam). Add a dash of Simple Syrup and top it all off with your iced tea and VOILA! The perfect, light, refreshing cocktail to enjoy on a Sunday night. Don would be proud.

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