Sights Unseen

As I mentioned, we had a recent visit from Kristyn, and we’ll soon have another! But in the meantime, here are some photo’s from that weekend that have been tiding me over, so I hope they do the trick for you as well.

When Kristyn got in late Friday night, she needed a quick snack. Penny decided to join her.

We had a mini-Scotch tasting. Kristyn bought Dan some amazing stock for his birthday and Dan found some vintage bottles from his grandfather’s bar in his parent’s basement. Kristyn doesn’t look too impressed with this particular sampling.

We also broke into our collective cigar collections. Dan’s mom is quite the connoisseur and I gave Dan a big selection for our anniversary last year (one top-rated cigar for each month we’d been married with a note attached to each one that detailed my favorite memory from that month of our first year of marriage). It was the perfect-cigar smoking weather both Friday and Saturday night, so we took full advantage.

Another common Morey pastime is the game of golf. The last time we played all together, I sprained my ankle. This time, Dan had a pulled back and couldn’t partake, but we all had fun at Top Golf just the same. Here are some action shots:

We also had a wonderful bonfire on Saturday night. Pure bliss.

She comes back in a month – can’t wait!!!! 🙂


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