Using up the extra

Last week, I mentioned that Dan and I were on a frugality binge. Recipes are ringing in at costs so low, so it’s disturbing. But in addition, we’re also trying to be more conscious about using what we already have. So many times, we don’t have a good idea of the ingredients we already own, how much we have left, because we’re distracted by trying new dishes, buying fresh produce and a multitude of other factors. I took stock of our pantry recently and after disposing of foods we would never eat, or had already expired, I realized that we had two giant cans of canned pumpkin pie mix. Not pumpkin, which I use frequently for baking, oatmeal supplementation and smoothies, but the pie-kind. It was an oversight that we ended up with them, and none of the recipes I ever follow ever require its presence. So, they sit. But no more. I was determined to make something that would use it up. I played it safe by combining it with two other favorites that never let me down.

Pumpkin pie granola! Refusing to turn to the Internet for recipe ideas, I blindly experimented by melting some peanut butter and combining it with the oats and canned mixture. I spread it all out on a cookie sheet and shoved it in the oven for about 30 minutes at a temperature of 275 degrees.

It came out … so-so.

The taste part was just fine (how could you go wrong!?) but the texture was a little off. I like my granola to be … crunchy. And this was most definitely on the chewy end of the spectrum. I suppose it takes a bit of tinkering to get recipes just right, so I’m determined to try this (or something similar) again. At the very least, it served it’s purpose. I used the pumpkin, topped my Greek Yogurt with my concoction and used it several times for pre-run fuel.

Any suggestions to tweak my granola flop?

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