Have you tried this fitness trend?

It’s called Tabata training. And boy is it rough!

Looking for a new challenge, and indulging my love for acquiring new fitness DVD’s, I bought this on a recommendation:

I started it up one Saturday afternoon, foolishly thinking to myself “How bad could it REALLY be?” I laugh at my former self, eager to begin. Dan actually watched as I went through this DVD, partially because he was already sitting on the couch, but mostly because I’m sure I was quite a sight. Both of us agreed that the WARM UP itself was torturous. Then came the intervals, aka, the pain train. Burpees, squat jumps, power jacks, oh my. You complete 20 seconds of each one 8 times with a 10 second rest in between each interval. You get a longer rest in between each drill, but man does it seem short! Luckily, Dan and I had to leave (we were on our way to sign the lease for our new place!) and I was only able to get through half the drills. I still burned almost 400 calories and stumbled around for the rest of the afternoon on extremely fatigued legs. I guess I can’t wait to do the whole thing at once?

Have you done Tabata training? Do you love it or hate it? 

2 thoughts on “Have you tried this fitness trend?

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