Cheers to recovery!

It’s no secret that Dan and I enjoy the occasional adult beverage. We love wine, creating our own cocktails and of course – beer! Dan brews his own, but we love trying different kinds of craft beers (one of the amazing things we’re looking forward to having better access to in the city!) Beers are great for sporting events, lazy Sunday afternoons and happy hours, but one of the times I enjoy a beer most, is for recovery after a longer run or intense workout! Studies have been done about the place that beer has in a training program, and this article from the New York Times suggests that the beer is only helpful if it’s non-alcoholic. (Say what?!) On the other hand, this article shows the health benefits of having consistent amounts of beer throughout the week (not necessarily in conjunction with working out), so I figure either way, a little bit of beer is good for the body and soul. This post comes at an appropriate time, as we head off to Nashville, where I’m sure a few drinks will be consumed. Here are a few of the brews we’ve had lately that earned top billing in our household (Dan’s beers were not included in the judging process, because of COURSE those are the best ones!)

Two Brothers White Monarch

Locally brewed, Two Brothers makes a couple of rotating seasonals, and this is one of them. I love it because it’s smooth and tastes refreshing after a run. Dan likes it because it’s flavorful and subtle. It’s great for hot weather – crisp and light.

Ranger IPA

A Fat Tire product, Ranger IPA is pretty widely available and just as widely accepted – even my dad likes it! I like it because it tastes really delicious without being overwhelming (as I find some beers to be). Dan likes it because it’s made organically and because it’s a well-rounded beer that isn’t too bitter and has a lot of complexities to enjoy.

Green Line Pale Ale

Another Chicagoland brew, Goose Island distributes this beer ONLY via draft, so it’s a bit more difficult to find. That almost makes it more appealing (for me). When we find a bar that carries it, we tend to get excited and drink lots of it to celebrate. I like it because it’s refreshing and reminds me of everything fun about Chicago. Dan likes it because it’s light and because it’s only available on draft, it’s hard to go wrong!

What craft beers do YOU enjoy?

One thought on “Cheers to recovery!

  1. My partner definitely believes in the beer throughout the week running recovery and health option. I somewhat do. I’m more a once a week beer drinker…
    we drink mostly NM and Colorado beers these days, since that’s where we’re at…this past week, we drank Santa Fe Brewing Company’s Chicken Killer Barley Wine…we also really like Marble Brewery’s Imperial Red Ale.
    And non-southwest beer we love is just about anything from Stone Brewing Company (last night we enjoyed the Arrogant Bastard Ale…)– yum

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