Sights Unseen

Right now, we’re off enjoying Nashville, so next week’s sights unseen will be chock-full of fun photo’s from the Heartland. I spent two days last week consumed with a terrible stomach flu, so I apologize for the lack of greatness in these photos, but I did get a couple I thought would work for the post. Enjoy what we got and enjoy the holiday weekend!

It’s starting to warm up around these parts and Penny loves/hates it. She loves the sunshine, but sometimes she heads for the shade. Dan and I both felt that she looked like a lounging lionness in this photo.

Dan gave this hand-drawn map of Boston to Kristyn for her birthday. If you want one too (in your own city), you’re in luck! He’s selling them online. Look HERE.

We recently discovered that you can bring your dog to Top Golf! Penny had a blast when we went with the Morey family. She was a big hit, getting lots of attention and probably too many treats.

I just love this picture. She looks so happy! For anyone that doesn’t know already, that’s my mom-in-law 🙂

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