Sights Unseen, COUNTRY edition!

This side of last week, I was chillin’ in a cool bar in a hot city, listening to some great country music and sipping on a Honky Tonk Lemonade (lemonade with sweet tea vodka – delicious!) We went with our friends Lindsey and Dave to the country capital, and an amazing time. Below are just some of the pictures – hopefully a good representative of our Memorial Day weekend trip.

This is a view of Broadway (the main strip) from the second balcony of the aforementioned bar (called Honky Tonk Central). One of the best parts about Nashville is that most of the bars have an inside/outside presence with completely open windows, so you can enjoy the fresh air without dying from heat.

Cowboy boots and hats everywhere you turn. I loved it! We did hear several of the same songs multiple times, but at least they were good ones.

We went to the Opryland Entertainment Plaza – this is a hotel! It reminded all of us of Vegas – so many rooms and 15 restaurants just in this one building! Also lots of fun activities for kids, shopping, etc. Those balconies are people’s rooms. We saw plenty of people sitting out on them, people watching. I bet it’s a good spot for it.

Beautiful views everywhere. It’s hard to believe that not too long ago, there was a terrible flood here that caused a TON of damage. See THIS Huffington Post article for pictures and more information on that event.

I took one ZILLION pictures here, so I won’t bore you with them all, but I was seriously in awe of all the beautiful scenery to be found here.

We also took a short jaunt from the hotel over to the Grand Ole Opry. We opted out of paying for a tour, but it was cool to see the building (although it was a bit jarring to see a MALL right across the parking lot from this history landmark.)

Unbelievably, throughout all the days we were in Nashville, we did not get ONE group shot of the four of us, but we did manage to snap several pictures of different combinations of our group. We were hot and sweaty, but always smiling!

Well, except Dan in that one picture I guess.

Yee haw and Happy Friday!

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