Let the Grilling Season … Begin!

As Memorial Day has passed, and it is now officially the grilling season, Dan and I have been searching for any excuse to fire up the coals. Sometimes, if we have nothing pressing going on a Saturday or Sunday night, we’ll head to our favorite local grocery store – Caputo’s – see what looks good, and plan dinner based on that fact alone. Recently, on just such an encounter, we scored another BINGO. See below for proof.

Some beautiful red potatoes – spray with olive oil and sprinkle some spices (salt, pepper and rosemary), then throw in the grill basket to complete.

Peppers of all colors, combined with mushrooms, thrown on skewers and coated with a bit of olive oil and salt? Divine.

Enter … the chicken sausage. Slightly spicy, perfectly cooked and the perfect compliment to our smorgasbord of veggie offerings. Talk about your perfectly balanced grill. Not too much work and all still perfectly on the up and up as far as health is concerned.

What are YOUR favorite grillers for the summer season? 


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