An Alternative Workout and Some Indulgences

This past weekend, I didn’t hit the gym once. BUT, I burned 2900 calories on Saturday and almost 2600 on Sunday (thanks for the info, BodyMedia!). How? It’s simple. All we had to do was move apartments! In and out the door, up and down the stairs … it adds up rather quickly, especially when all the while, you are carrying heavy boxes! I highly recommend this workout, though I have to admit, at the end of the weekend, I was exhausted. The flip side of the coin, is that because we were in the midst of all this busy-work … we didn’t eat so well. On Friday, we said farewell to our old home in Arlington Heights, IL with a salute to our favorite wing and pizza joint, Gator’s Wing Shack. Their wings (I cannot believe I have not previously posted extensively about this destination on this blog previously, as it was one of our most frequented/ordered from bars/fast food options during the past three years) are unbelievable and lean (if that’s even possible in a Buffalo wing). They come in a plethora of flavors and options. We most enjoy the garlic and jalapeno options, but honestly enjoy whatever we order whenever we go there. They aren’t the worst wings you could possibly consume, but they are certainly not a health food.

On Saturday, we committed two sins, but both were foods that turned out to be so delicious (and local!) that I felt I should share them. Guiltily. The first was a pizza indiscretion. It’s a good thing to locate when moving to a new neighborhood, and we wanted to provide sustenance for all our hard-working movers. We ordered from Papa Ray’s Pizza – taking advantage of their two large one-topping special. Dan chose pepperoni and sausage as our poisons, though their menu is far more expansive. They offer unusual pizza toppings, such as goat cheese, avocado, etc. It’s definitely an option I will be exploring again to test the various specials (Thai BBQ Chicken!?)

The second eating mistake came on Saturday night – we ordered from Outdoor Grill. I have no idea why (perhaps a combination of heat and utter exhaustion), but I thought this might be one of our healthier options. Then we ordered. Dan got a gyro burger (a regular cheeseburger with a gyro piled on top!) I ordered a gyro on a pita and we both shared french fries. I smell a new late-night craving satisfyer. It was inexpensive, fast and DELICIOUS. It was a bit more greasy than we generally eat, but we felt like we were for sure back in the city as a result of identifying a great source of gyros. They just don’t have these in the suburbs.

Leftovers from both meals were consumed for the rest of the weekend. It was fine to indulge for a bit, but I could certainly tell the difference in my performance and overall well-being as a result of these meals. I can’t wait to get back into my normal, healthy eating schedule.

Did YOU indulge in any goodies this weekend? 

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