Our First Home Cooked Meal

During the big move in which Dan and I re-joined the community of Chicago city dwellers, we didn’t eat so well, as I outlined here. By Sunday, I was tired of it! We headed to the farmer’s market to scope out some healthy dinner options (I REALLY wish I had remembered my camera at the market, but next time I go, I promise pictures – this is an amazing sight to behold). We were able to find lots of treasures, including some delicious Walleye to throw on the grill. But the real stars of the show were the GREENS:

We chose red kale and bok choy. Great, great choices. We simply sauteed them with a bit of grapeseed oil, garlic and mushrooms. Add tomatoes and cheese, then serve.

It was the perfect healthy-eating cap to a weekend that was not necessarily on track with our “normal” eating habits.

What kind of produce do you buy from farmer’s markets? 

3 thoughts on “Our First Home Cooked Meal

  1. I am a food and fitness blogger from chicago too- still very new to the blogging scene. Anways, your pics look great! Which farmers market do you go to? I live. down closer to wrigleyville and on saturday mornings theres a small one held near broadway and melrose. They are the best! Especially for fresh bread! Hope to connect soon

    • small world! we went to the one in logan square, but i definitely want to check out various options around the city. i’ll go check out your blog now – thanks for stopping in! 🙂

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