Sights Unseen

One of my excuses for being a spotty blogger lately is our big move back to the city of Chicago! It’s been three years since we lived within city limits, and we are both unbelievably thrilled. At least ten times in the past week, Dan and I have looked at each other and said “We should never move away from here.” Things are a lot rosier now that we have all our stuff out and organized, but the process of getting there was a whole ‘nother story! Dan coordinate everything beautifully and we had so much (greatly valued and appreciated help) along the way. This week’s picture theme is “Moving Day!” Enjoy.

Good thing Dan’s dad is a world-class truck organizer. I would never want to challenge that guy to a game of Tetris.

Dan hauling his tools – good thing he’s so handy with them. That makes moving a lot easier.

Penny has spent the entire moving process in a state of distress and confusion. When she sees suitcases, she knows it means we will probably leave her somewhere for a few days. I think when she saw boxes, she thought we might abandon her completely. She is still adjusting to the whole situation, but she spent moving day howling and letting everyone know how miserable she was to be behind her baby gate.

Empty old apartment! Looks like someone needs to clean…oops!

My dad and Dave were determined to put our new entertainment center together. I’m happy to report that they were successful, and its now serving all of our entertainment storage needs. Thanks, guys!

Penny (and our bikes) found a nice, new home on our back porch!

We’ll call those the “before” pictures. The “after” ones will be coming shortly!

What do YOU hate the most about moving? 



4 thoughts on “Sights Unseen

  1. Awww, poor Penny! I think our dog Hachi knows how she feels. We moved about a month ago from our apartment in the city to a new home 15 minutes from it. The entire time we were moving Hachi was so stressed. He was crying, sighing, pacing, and wining. We could not even leave him in a room because I think he honestly thought we were taking our belongings and leaving him behind. It was so sad, and definitely made moving a lot more stressful, but we got through it. I hope Penny feels better soon!

    The thing I hate most about moving??? EVERYTHING! It is honestly one of the most miserable things I have ever had the displeasure of doing several times in my life. Hopefully, this was our last. Wishing that the both of you, and Penny are happy at your new home. 🙂

    • oh no! yeah she has some days better than others, but our last home was really her place for a while, so it will probably take a couple of weeks. i agree with you about moving, and want to avoid it at all costs! thanks for your well wishes 🙂

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