Sights Unseen

At some point (I hope) my schedule will calm down just a little and allow me to go back to a regular blogging schedule. But for now, it’s concerts, bachelorette parties, out of town guests and all the preparations and cleaning up afterward that comes with it. BUT, in the midst of all this chaos, we WERE able to complete the majority of finishing touches on our apartment. I promised pictures, and they are below, for anyone that hasn’t seen the joint! Enjoy, and happy Friday – I hope you all have as good of a weekend as I’ve got planned.

We turned the back room of the apartment into our den. It’s supposed to be a master bedroom, but because there are big doors opening up onto our patio and because we didn’t feel our bedroom furniture could adequately use the space, it’s now our “tv room.” You may notice we have two, big, blank walls. Any suggestions on unique ways to use them?

Dan was kind enough to once again let me have the big closet. It took me a loooooong time to set this bad boy up. Hopefully I can keep it organized so it doesn’t look like this.

This is our patio and bike garage. Dan put up some awesome lights as well so it’s a fun place to sit at night (when it’s not blazing hot) and play Scrabble or just relax.

We have a long hallway that connects all our rooms, so it was the perfect excuse to put up a ton of pictures that we love.

See? Plenty of room for us in that second room. We don’t even feel cramped.

The kitchen, where many wonderful meals and snacks will be prepared.

Our dining area. We’re committed to eating fewer meals in front of Anderson Cooper.

And finally, my favorite part. A sitting room! We have a fireplace, a (mini) balcony and our bar. What else could possibly be needed? I think it’s my favorite room in the place.

What’s your favorite room in YOUR space? 

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